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PC Power Management - Verismic Power Manager Version 3.22

A full length PC Power Management overview. Verismic Power Manager 3.22 is focused on enhanced performance and scalability to support their client’s ever-increasing environment size.

In the latest version, Verismic Power Manager has updated three key features: improved console speed through simplifying the day-to-day management features, increased scalability for larger, more diverse environments, and enhanced site management allowing for dynamic site grouping which in turn supports agent coverage. Like its predecessors, version 3.22 helps organizations cut their IT energy costs and carbon footprint. It allows IT managers to reduce energy consumption in a way that is quick to deploy and easy to manage.


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End User Identity Webcast

end user identity webcast

Organizations need to be able to verify an end user's identify without exposing them to additional security breaches. Watch this informative webcast to learn how to prevent employees from sharing sensitive password information with support staff

Password Reset delivers rapid Return on Investment by ensuring rapid coverage of the user environment through User Registration Prompting and also publishes the Return on Investment that has been achieved through clear and concise activity history and the built-in ROI Dashboard.






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Password Reset Webcast

vpr video box

A short 20 minute video that dives into the Password Reset product, showing how simple, easy and secure the Verismic Password Reset product can be.

Password Resets are the leading source of service desk calls. Verismic Password Reset is a self service password reset tool that empowers end users to control and reset personal passwords without calling the help desk. Password Reset delivers instant benefits to all parts of the organization.







Download the Password Reset Webcast >>

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