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Verismic Power Manager

PC Power Management with an ROI of 3 - 6 months

Verismic Power Manager is the most advanced, non-disruptive PC power management software on the market. Verismic Power Manager allows organizations around the globe to reduce energy costs with a quick to deploy and easy to manage solution. Users, customers and industry experts have made Verismic Power Manager the most awarded PC power management solution.

Download a 30 day, fully functional trial that handles up to 100 computers. You will be able to create a baseline of energy consumption, run What-If analysis and implement power polices to measure your energy savings.

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"To conserve energy and to reduce energy costs, Chapman University, purchased Verismic's Power Management solution. With the purchase, we were able to obtain rebates from our electric company; Southern California of Edison, that supported funding the product.

The implementation and installation of the software on over 2500 university-owned computers was non-disruptive and seamless. Since then, we have been able to drastically decrease our daily power costs per day and save at least 62% per year in total power costs."
- Michelle Sypinero, Manager of Student Computing Services, Chapman University


Benefits of Verismic Power Manager:

PC Power Management ROI Achieves real ROI within 3 - 6 months   PC Power Management End Users PC Power Management involving your end-users
PC Power Management Reports Detailed reports out of the box   PC Power Management Savings Lower your energy bills and save the planet too


For More Information:

BVSD Power Manager Case Study   Chapman Power Management Case Study

Boulder Valley School District Saves $300,000 Every Year with Verismic Power Manager

  Chapman University Gives Verismic an A+ in Power Management
South Lanarkshire Power Management Case Study   PECI Power Management Case Study

South Lanarkshire Council uses PC power management from Verismic to save £40,000


Verismic Provides PC Power Management to Portland's Leading Energy Conservation Organization

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