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PC Power Management software from Verismic

Verismic Power Manager is the most advanced, non-disruptive PC power management software on the market. Verismic Power Manager allows organizations around the globe to reduce energy costs with a quick to deploy and easy to manage solution. Users, customers and industry experts have made Verismic Power Manager the most awarded PC power management solution.
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Agent Coverage Management

Verismic Power Manager agent is a single MSI file that contains all of our functionality so it is easy to implement

Cloud or On-Premise

Verismic Power Manager offers a traditional installation On-Premise or a Cloud version which requires no new investment in infrastructure

End-User Awareness

Verismic Power Manager not only keeps end-users informed of PC Power Management progress but can also share other power saving tips, like turning off lights

Multiple Power Vendors

Verismic Power Manager is designed to support multiple power vendors, currencies and power rates for complex, international organizations

Dynamic Efficiency

Verismic Power Manager allows workstations and laptops to consume less energy during operating hours while remaining 100% available

Safe Shut Down

Verismic Power Manager protects applications and users against power actions by saving documents before shuting down

Active Directory Integration

Verismic Power Manager automatically allows for reporting and targeting of policies based on Active Directory structures


Verismic Power Manager can wake up devices on remote subnets of your corporate WAN and even on internet connected sites

PC Power Management Updated Features

Wizard Driven Configuration

Wizard Driven Configurations
  • Powerful Yet Simple
  • Automatic Baseline Configurations
  • Automatic Client Deployment and Maintenance


Visual Policy Planner
  • Calendar-Style Task Scheduler
  • Single, Unified Scheduler For All Server Tasks

Visual Power Policy Planner

Enhanced User Interface

Enhanced User Interface
  • New Online and Local Help System
  • Context Sensitve Help
  • New Context Alerting UI
  • Enhanced Consol User Permissions

Data Visualization
  • Customizable dashboards and home screens with Gadgets
  • Added Dynamic Brightness to Predictive Savings Reports
  • Improved Report Performance

Power Management Data Visualization
PC Power Management innovation

Artificial Intelligence To Control Enterprise PC Power Use
DynamicWakeUp feature intelligently personalizes device and PC power management settings by learning individuals’ working behavior and tailoring power usage settings accordingly. For example, the software can learn when users start their working day, shift patterns, lunch breaks and finish times. This feature reduces power consumption during the working day and supports overarching company-wide or department level power policy settings.

Reduce Screen Brightness Throughout The Day To Aid Sleep Patterns Of Staff
DynamicBrightness is a brand new innovation that automatically reduces screen brightness during the working day dimming brightness levels to match ambient lighting – firstly to reduce potential screen induced eye-strain for users and improve sleep patterns but to further reduce energy consumption of PC and device monitors during the day.

Power On And Off PCs When Users Enter Or Leave The Building
A new API connects Building Control Systems to Verismic Power Manager. Using the API, a user “swiping” into a building can simultaneously and automatically power-on their device ready to start the working day. This removes a barrier to employees not wishing to power-down PCs overnight, reduces overnight power consumption and also increases user productivity.

PC Power Management case studies

Boulder Valley school district pc power management
Boulder Valley School District Saves $300,000 Every Year

chapman university pc power management
Chapman University Gives Verismic an A+ in Power Management

South Lanarkshire Council PC power management
South Lanarkshire Council powers off to save £40,000

Portland Community College PC Power Management
PCC aims to reduce emission levels 40% by 2030
PC Power Management Brochures and video overview

Verismic Power Manager Brochure
Verismic Power Manager is a dedicated solution to reduce PC energy wastage within any sized environment
PC Power Management Brochure

pc power management video overview
Video Overview
This PC Power Management overview helps organizations cut their IT energy costs and carbon footprint
PC Power Management Video overview
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