Self Service Password Reset for Active Directory

self service active directory password reset

Reduce Help Desk Calls By Up To 40% With Password Reset
Active Directory Password Resets are the leading source of service desk calls. Verismic AD Password Reset is a self service password reset tool that empowers end users to control and reset personal passwords without calling the help desk. Password Reset delivers instant benefits to all parts of the organization.With Verismic’s Self Service Password Reset staff no longer needs to verify employee identity over the telephone for password management; instead, users confirm who they are through challenge questions before they’re allowed to securely reset their password.
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Self Servcie AD Password Reset benefits

Self Service AD Password Reset from the login screen
Self Service from the Login Screen

Self Service AD Password Reset reduces IT support costs
Reduce IT Support Costs by 40%

End User Identity verification
End User Identity Verification

Self Service Password Reset avoids employee downtime
Avoid Employee Downtime
Enable end users to reset their Active Directory accounts without calling the helpdesk

Lower the Cost of Password Administration
Self Service Password Reset centralized console reduces the number of calls to the help desk for password resets and account unlocks for lower administration costs and better help desk response time on other critical IT Issues.

lower the cost of password administration

verify user identity

Increase Security
Double-blind challenge questions provide superior security over help desk’s attempt to verify user identity over the phone before they perform a password reset or unlock an account.

Increase Productivity
Eliminates the need for employees to wait for password resets and account unlocks. At the same time, help desk staff can performing more critical tasks rather than password resets.

don't wait for password resets
self service password reset product brochure

Self Service Password Reset Data Sheet
Data Sheet
By Eliminating Downtime, Delays, and Frustration
Associated With Help Desk Calls, Employees Get
Back to Work With Minimal Disruption or Delay
Read the Self Service Password Reset Data Sheet

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