Application Packaging Service

Application Packaging Service

We’ve Packaged Thousands of Applications, Reducing Operational Costs and Saving Time
Whether you are packaging applications for a new desktop or Windows OS roll-out, remediation of your existing PC estate, or simply need additional resources to help you through a period of high demand, we can help.With Verismic’s Application Packaging Service, all packages are completed in our packaging lab by a dedicated team of experienced engineers, tested for conflicts, quality and delivery, then transferred to you for implementation in your environment.Verismic guarantees conflict-free Software Packages from a Service Team built on exceptional quality at a competitive price.
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Featured Application Packaging Benefits

Application Packaging Experts
No need for your own internal packaging expert

Reduce Staff time spent on Application Packaging
Reduce IT staff time spent on application readiness

Save time and money with Verismic Application Packaging Service
Significant cost savings and time reduction

App V, MSI Application Packaging Service
Support for all common packaging technologies
How Verismic Application Packaging Works

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Our professional and repeatable process starts with 24/7 access to your secure personalized web portal to submit and manage your package requests. You will also have direct access to phone or email the application engineer working on your requests.

24/7 Application Packaging Service

Verismic Packaging Team

Application Packaging Service
The Packaging Team completes discovery and Q&A testing for every package. We provide weekly reports on submitted packages, what is in process, what has been released for customer testing, and what packages have been accepted.

Deployment Ready Packages
All packages have been compatibility and conflict managed to mitigate risk. Verismic guarantees conflict-free Software Packages from a Service Team built on exceptional quality at a competitive price.

Verismic Guarantees confict free software packages
Application Packaging Service Brochure and Video

Verismic Application Packaging Service Brochure
Verismic software packaging
delivers guaranteed success, on-time and at a lower cost
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Verismic Application Packaging Service Video
Video Overview
This short video introduces the Verismic Application Packaging Service
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1 Terms surrounding the conflict-free promise:
The term ‘Conflict-Free’ indicates the guaranteed absence of ICE & MSI structure based errors within the released software package, no responsibility can be assumed for conflicts with other software within the environment where deployed

2 Terms surrounding the free application package:
Verismic categorizes software into 3 levels of complexity; simple, moderate & complicated.  For the evaluation process you are entitled to upload one simple package and one moderate package in order to prove our service ability.